Whats New

Version 1.4

Posted: April 23, 2019

Hi everyone, I hope you are enjoying spring break. I am pleased to announce some good news. Since the launch of the new website we have over 340 impressions on our site. That is good, we hope that number rises in the future. Just rember to tell your friends that QHST new website is live and up-to-date. Now, here is a review on some new updates that was introduced to Version 1.4

  • AP for All now has its own webpage to work efficently with the Initiatives page. Also a new webpage for Emergency Readiness, reviewing on school saftey and school drills is now up for review.
  • Preview! The Staff Directory page is still and currently under construction. For now we have the Emerson SLC and Cross Community Staff Directory, including Titles and their QHST emails for communication. In future updates we will have Freire and Montessori Staff directory ready to be published.
  • Our School webpage recived a small tweek to improve the Unique Characteristics about our school. Also, the school video is coming soon to be added with the webpage.
  • Disclaimer page we have added a disclaimer reguarding about students in any photos and videos posted on our websites. The disclaimer noted that all students in any photo and/or video on our website(s) have signed the photo consent form and recived a formal aproval by their parents in acordance to Dept of Education Regulations.

Version 1.3

Posted: March 10, 2019

Thanks for visiting the Queens HS of Teaching new website, we made some significant updates to support our students and families. Listed below is what we update for this version.

  • The college office is pleased to announce that they have moved to a new website. collegeoffice.queenshsofteaching.org is the new home for the QHST college office which joins along to the PTA, Student Gov't, and COSA new website from their launch in version 1.2.
  • College Access for All and Computer Science for All initiatives webpage is now live to discuss the major initiatives we observer here at the Queens HS of Teaching.
  • More updates to Academics page to informer more on the Cluster Courses we offer our students

Version 1.2

Posted: February 26, 2019

Today we launched version 1.2 of the www.queenshsofteaching.org website. We are pleased to introduce QHST sub-sites. All QHST Small Learning Communities website using the QHST URL as a subdomain is now live and the QHST Coordinator of Student Activities, QHST Student Government, and QHST Parent Teacher Association websites are also live online.

*Please note that some sites are still under construction, be aware as more updates will be made threw out the year.

Version 1.1

Posted: February 17, 2019

Thanks for everyone's support towards the launch of our website, and to improve the overall experience we have another update to address. Version 1.1 is the first improvement to Verison 1.0 of the QHST website. Here is the new improvements from Version 1.1:

  • Minor bug fixes - Some Google Drive files we shared has not been responding properly to the public. We had fixed the problems and now they will work.
  • New Footer - We are happy to launch a new feature on the QHST website which is the new footer. The footer will now offer the visitors easy to access quick links to some pages on the website. We have also linked some web pages from the NYC Dept of Education website to help families and students get information to assist them in school.*

*Please note that some links are not yet available as most will be launch in future versions of the site. Some links will be activated once Version 1.2 is released.

Version 1.0

Posted: February 15, 2019

We are pleased to announce the long-awaited launch of our school's new website, www.queenshsofteaching.org, proudly made on the new Google Sites. Our new website features a fresh new look, up-to-date information, and improved performance. Some features that we adopted for the new website are...

  • A Mobile ready design - thanks to the new Google Sites application, all QHST websites and also our sub-websites have a new mobile ready design. This new design has a universal screen adaption service to adapt to whatever screen you use to visit our site.
  • Improved search capabilities - the search bar now has new features to make it easier to find up-to-date, relevant information anywhere on the site.
  • Integrated cloud services - Powered by Google GSuite, we enable faster and more reliable service for students, staff, and parents to gain easy to accsess information on a cloud base service.

Please be reminded that our site is still under construction, and we do apologize that some stuff is not yet available to be published at the time. Please stay tuned on this webpage for further updates regarding new features for the QHST website.

Preview to Version 1.2

We are expanding our website to service new opportunities to enhance our SLC's and other key in-school organizations (like our COSA and Student Government). In Version 1.2 we will launch sub-websites that will use queenshsofteaching.org as a subdomain for our SLC's, Student Government, COSA, PTA, and more to be announced. We are pleased to announce that later this school year the College office will be moving to a new website powered by Google Sites, using a the .queenshsofteaching.org subdomain. We will also be adding more information to the main site like Clubs, ARISTA, College Now, and more information to offer more information to our visitors (like you) to learn more about our school.