G Suite for Education

We are pleased to inform that all students at the Queens High School of Teaching have access to a QHST G Suite account. G Suite for Education is a suite of online tools for students, designed specifically for K - 12 schools and universities, and is a collection of locally managed online collaboration and productivity tools. The educational version of the G Suite platform is a secure, private and ad-free environment that offers much more protection than a regular public Google/Gmail account. G Suite is currently used by over 45 million users worldwide at thousands of schools and post secondary institutions.

How to Activate Your Account

Follow these instructions to access your school Google account:

  1. Go to mail.google.com/a/queenshsofteaching.org
  2. Enter your username (Your username is the first leter of your first name and your last name. Example: John Doe would have the username jdoe)
  3. Enter your temporary password (which is your student ID number). You will be asked to change it when you sign in.

G Suite Account Offer

Students have access to full similar options to a traditional google account but more advanced. Students have access to a QHST email account (Powered by Gmail), unlimited online storage with Google Drive (with access to Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, etc.), Google Classroom, and all other google apps platform offered in their account.