The First Day of School for Senior Students

Dear QHST Senior Students & Families,

Last week, Mayor DiBlasio and Chancellor Carranza announced that the first day of school for all students is now scheduled for Wednesday, September 16th. All students will engage in Remote Learning from 9/16-9/18. We will share more information regarding the start to Remote Learning next week soon.

All QHST Student and Families should have received an email from our QHST General Information Mailbox last week that announced the delayed start to the school year. For QHST Students and Families that have selected Blended Learning, the email also included students' assigned Blended Learning Cohort/Group, which identifies the 2 days during our 6 day cycle that Blended Learning students will engage in in-person/on-site learning. Blended Learning will begin on Monday, September 21st.

If students and families select full Remote Learning, students will not attend school in-person and will engage in all Remote Learning 5 days per week using our QHST G-Suite platform.

Students and families that selected Blended Learning will be assigned to one of 3 Blended Learning Cohorts, and will attend school in-person for 2 consecutive days during each 6 day cycle. During the 4 following consecutive days, students will participate in Remote Learning using our QHST G-Suite platform. Please visit the Blended Learning Instructional Model page of our QHST Website for additional information regarding the assignment of our Student Cohort Groups.

Our QHST Senior Students will either attend school during days identified for Group B OR Group C. We have emailed all QHST Seniors to their QHST Gmail Accounts, and SKEDULA/PupilPath email blasted QHST Senior Families with a letter indicating Senior Students' Blended Learning in-person/on-site start date last week. If you have questions, please reach out to our Parent Coordinator, Ernesto Isaac.

The Start Time for all students that will participate in Blended Learning will be 830AM during each day that students are scheduled to attend school in-person.

Additional information regarding the start to the 2020-2021 School Year, including information regarding Remote Small Learning Community & Grade Level Orientations will be forthcoming.

On behalf of our entire QHST School Community, I wish all QHST Students and Families a safe and healthy end to summer vacation with friends and family! We look forward to seeing everyone soon!!

Warmest Regards,

Mr. Ean Corrado

QHST Principal