About Us

Our Mission

The Queens High School of Teaching is different by design; developing diverse learners who are prepared to become leaders, and teachers, in their communities and productive members of a global society. Our small learning communities and cohort based programming model provide a framework where students are encouraged to perform to their highest potential through differentiated instruction, student centered classrooms and instilling school wide values. Creating an inclusive environment, we promote the ethical and moral development of our students. Through distributive leadership, students, staff, parents and other stakeholders fully participate in the teaching and learning process, while continuously reflecting, assessing and modifying our practices. As a proving ground for sound educational pedagogy, we are committed to ensuring our students becoming lifelong learners enabling them to adapt to an ever changing world.

Our School-wide Values

We strive to clear the AIR

By being…


(We are responsible for our Actions and Decisions)


(We respect all members of our community and celebrate diversity)


(We value our school environment and respect all members in it)

Our Unique Characteristics

The Queens High School of Teaching (QHST) is a NYCDOE school community that "by design" is organized and structured to facilitate the highest levels of communication across all stakeholders (including: professionals, students and teachers, and the school and home community), which in turn facilitates the development of the deep and meaningful best practice relationships necessary to create the highly effective school-wide systems of collaboration and support for all, leading to the achievement of the highest levels of success for all members of our school community - including student performance, progress, and learning, professional development and learning, and organizational improvement and learning. Our Highly Effective "Different by Design" model includes:

  • Small Learning Community Model – We are composed of three Small Learning Communities (SLCs), led by an SLC Assistant Principal. Each SLC has a dedicated youth development team comprised of one dean and one guidance councilor.

  • Grade Level Teams (GLTs) and a Cohort Model– Teachers from each content department meets one time per week for a grade level team meeting where they plan instruction.

  • Collaborative classrooms – Students work in groups that are mapped based on student performance data. Teacher teams continue to monitor performance and as a result, students are regrouped periodically. Formative assessment data informs flexible grouping which leads to high levels of differentiated learning for all students.

  • Personalized Learning Environment – Our Instructional structure support our core value of creating and facilitating a personalized learning environment where students are known well, and are supported to achieve the highest levels of success in high school, college, and beyond.

  • College & Career Readiness – QHST embraces the goal of ensuring that our students are provided with the maximum opportunities to become college and career ready, including all students' participation in a school community with a strong college-going culture 9-12th grade. At the center of our work in this area is our QHST College & Career Readiness Center. All QHST students are provided with individualized college and career advisement and support throughout their four years of high school.

  • Summer Bridge - All incoming 9th grade students are offered the opportunity to participate in our QHST Summer Bridge Experience. This program was designed by staff and students to ease the transition from junior high to high school from both an academic and social emotional standpoint. The program is four days of workshops, activities, and high school preparatory learning experiences facilitated by current QHST students and our Coordinator of Student Activities (COSA).

  • College Now – This free program is designed to prepare New York City’s high school students for college to ensure we have a class in each content area. The program offers eligible students ways to improve their high school performance and get a head start on college by taking academic courses for high school and college credit.