About Us

Our Mission

The Queens High School of Teaching (QHST) is different by design. QHST develops diverse learners to become leaders and teachers in their communities and productive members of a global society. Our school provides a framework where students are encouraged to perform to their highest potential through differentiated instruction; student-centered classrooms instill schoolwide values; Accountable-Inclusive Community-Respect and Care (A.I.R.). By way of an inclusive environment, we promote our students' ethical and moral development. Through distributive leadership, students, staff, parents, and other stakeholders fully participate in the teaching and learning process, while continuously reflecting, assessing, and modifying our practices. As a proving ground for sound educational pedagogy, we are committed to ensuring that our students become lifelong learners enabling them to adapt to an ever-changing world.

Our School-wide Values

We strive to clear the AIR

By being…


(We are responsible for our Actions and Decisions)


(We respect all members of our community and celebrate diversity)


(We value our school environment and respect all members in it)

Our Unique Characteristics

The Queens High School of Teaching (QHST) is a NYCDOE school community that "by design" is organized and structured to facilitate the highest levels of communication across all stakeholders (including: professionals, students and teachers, and the school and home community), which in turn facilitates the development of the deep and meaningful best practice relationships necessary to create the highly effective school-wide systems of collaboration and support for all, leading to the achievement of the highest levels of success for all members of our school community - including student performance, progress, and learning, professional development and learning, and organizational improvement and learning. Our Highly Effective "Different by Design" model includes: