Advanced Placement @ QHST

The College Board's Advanced Placement (AP) Program is an extensive program that offers high school students the chance to participate in what College Board describes as college-level classes. It also plays a large part in the college admissions process, showing students' intellectual capacity and genuine interest in learning. The program allows many students to gain college credit for high performance on the AP exams.

NEW @ QHST! Pre-AP courses deliver grade-level appropriate instruction through focused course frameworks, instructional resources, learning checkpoints, and collaborative educator workshops. They are designed to support all students across varying levels of abilities through focus. They are not honors or advanced courses.

AP For All initiative

The AP for All initiative is part of New York City’s Equity and Excellence agenda, it will bring new Advanced Placment (AP) courses to schools that offer few or no AP courses. These schools will get rigorous training for new and continuing AP teachers. The city will also help school leaders identify students who are ready for AP course work and prepare those students to address equity gaps. New AP courses and preparatory courses will start in fall 2016, with 75% percent of students offered at least five AP classes by fall 2018. By fall 2021, students at all high schools will have access to a full slate of at least five AP classes.

Our Offered AP Courses

  • AP English Language and Composition (11th Grade)

  • AP Human Geography (9th Grade)

  • AP U.S. History (12th Grade)

  • AP Literature

Our Offered Pre-AP Courses

  • Pre AP English Year 1 (9th Grade)

  • Pre AP English Year 2 (10th Grade)

  • Pre AP Global / World History (10th Grade)