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A Statement from Mr. Corrado Regarding Advanced Placement (AP) and NYS Regents Exams Prep Classes

Posted April 12, 2019

Dear QHST students and families,

Last Friday marked the conclusion of our first marking period of the Spring term or our third marking period of the school year. Report cards will be distributed to all students this Friday in advisory. If students do not bring home a copy of their report card to share with families or if the report card does not demonstrate the academic success that we expect for all QHST students , please reach out to your child's SLC guidance counselor. With only about 2 months remaining in the school year, while there is still time to support improved student learning and performance, if significant improvements are necessary we all need to collaborate with a sense of urgency.

As we move towards the end of the school year, final exams, including Advanced Placement and NYSED Regents exams, are fast approaching. Advanced Placement exams will begin during the week of May 6th and more specific information regarding individual student scheduling will be provided immediately following Spring break. NYSED Regents exams will begin on June 18th, with a specially scheduled "pilot" exam on June 3rd. Individual student scheduling will be provided throughout the month of May.

In preparation for these high stakes exams, all students are encouraged to attend our Extended School Day AP and Regents Prep sessions. Please see the attached AP test prep schedule, including our specially designed "QHST Spring Break Bootcamp" schedule. This week , teacher's of AP classes will communicating with students and families regarding student attendance to our Bootcamp sessions to support our ability to provide students lunch and metro cards at 12PM following each session. If you would like your child to attend our Bootcamp and/or any of our AP Prep sessions, please reach out to your child's teacher to confirm attendance and/or for more information. We will be following up with a similar schedule for our QHST Regents Prep sessions following Spring break. Regents Prep sessions will be scheduled by Small Learning Community, and if you have questions regarding Regents Prep, please reach out to your child's teacher or SLC Guidance Counselor.

I strongly encourage all students to attend our scheduled prep sessions for these high stakes and challenging, college preparatory exams. There is no more effective study strategy in preparation for high stake exams than participation in mock examinations and engagement with questions aligned to past examinations. We look forward to collaborating with QHST families to support our students achievement of the highest levels of success throughout the high school experience, on these exams, and beyond.

I wish everyone a happy and healthy Spring Break, and best wishes for a successful end to the school year.


Ean Corrado


From the Principal Office