Student Government

Attention all QHST Students

If you are interesting in joining Student Government for the 2022 - 2023 school year, please see Mr. Abicca or Ms. LoNigro.

  • Any 9th or 10th grade students interested in joining the Student Government Club please see Ms. L in room 521

  • Any 11th or 12th grade students interested in joining the Student Government Club please see Mr. Abicca in room 136.

Students please remember, your duties will include exemplifying and upholding the QHST school-wide values and the values of the QHST Community. When you are part of our student government it requires emotional maturity and commitment to your role as a student leader, as well as responsibility to our school values. You will be expected to attend Student Government meetings.

Student governments take on a wide range of responsibilities, and a role can vary greatly depending on the school and its needs. The group of student that join student government focuses on representing the best interests of the student body and help shape the student experience. It is common for students to think that their student government is not necessary, but without student government, many of the aspects of the high school life that they enjoy exist and continue because of student government.

Our School Year Goals

  • Zero Waste Schools - This year in collaboration with the NYC Department of Education and NYC Department of Sanitation QHST is particpating in the Zero Waste Schools initiatives. Zero Waste Schools is an innovative and collaborative program whose aim is to divert all recyclable and compostable waste from approximately 100 Zero Waste Schools in five years. Its primary goal is for all schools can recycle paper, cardboard, metal, glass, plastic, and cartons.

  • New York Blood Center - In collaboration with the New York Blood Center, are goal this year is to increase our numer of students who donate blood. We are also partcipating with NYBC Awards Program for High Schools.