Physical Education

Athletics Department

Physical education (PE) is a required academic subject that teaches students how to be physically active. In PE, students learn to work as a team, develop healthy personal fitness habits, and set fitness goals now and throughout their lives. PE is not recess, or a before- or after-school sports club. PE is a regular class scheduled during the school day, Taught by a certified/ licensed NYCDOE teacher. Based on a curriculum, with established learning standards with the instruction on a wide range of skills, not just sports.

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Grading Policy

  • 35% Engagement/Participation - Includes quality of student participation. A daily grade will be assigned based on participation in warm-ups, class instruction, engagement in skill development, and motivation/effort in activity. Students should demonstrate exceptional sportsmanship, leadership, & age/social appropriate behaviors both in the gym and locker rooms. Staying on task and focused at all times is essential.
  • 35% Classwork - Students will be able to provide feedback through Peer Evaluations, Group Evaluations, and Exit Tickets to meet our Physical Education Learning Goals.
  • 30% Assessments - Student will be able to demonstrate what they have learned through various measures of assessments. Individual, Group & Fitness Assessments will take place throughout the year

Purchasing Phys Ed Uniforms

Students can purchase their PE uniforms during their gym class only. Listed below are the prices of the uniforms including the schools locks that the student are required to purchase once receiving a locker in the hallway and a PE locker in the locker room.

2019-2020 School Year Prices

  • T-Shirt: $12.00
  • Mesh Shorts: $14.00
  • Sweatpants: $18.00
  • Shorts: $20.00
  • Used Lock: $5.00
  • Double Lock*: $15

*A double lock is the locks with the same code to be unlocked. If the student wants a lock that has the same code for both the locker room and the normal school locker that can be arranged if the student purchase a double lock.

Locker Room Policy

  1. Students must enter and exit the locker room from the gymnasium side. Students will be allowed 7 minutes for changing time. A detention will be issued if not following proper locker room protocols.
  2. You may enter and use the locker room during your gym period ONLY!
  3. Your locker may only be used to store your clothing and books when are in Physical Education class. You may leave your gym clothes (nothing else) in your locker throughout the day and overnight.
  4. All personal items must be placed inside a locked locker. NO items should be left on the floor or bench inside the locker room. The school is not responsible for any belongings left out!!!
  5. No backpacks, outerwear, and electronic devices (cellphone, etc.)/accessories are allowed in the gym.