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This web page is under construction please be advise that not all teachers of QHST are listed here. The estimated time of completion will be by the end of 2019-2020 school year. Students please use pupilpath or your QHST emails to contact your teachers and Parents please visit pupilpath to contact your child(s) teacher.

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Administrative Staff

Ean Corrado


Sabba Daly

Assistant Principal, Organization

Brian Chaback

Assistant Principal, Emerson SLC

Cindy Kontente

Assistant Principal, Montessori SLC

Camille Gardner

Assistant Principal, Freire SLC

Guidance and Student Support Staff

Ryan Brock

Guidance Counselor

Michael Shelton

Dean, Montessori SLC

Jamie Selip-Dyasi

Dean, Freire SLC

Debra Albano-Seltenreich

Guidance Counselor, Emerson SLC

Kristi Faughey

Guidance Counselor, Montessori SLC

Daniel OLeary

Guidance Counselor, Freire SLC

Monica Sampedro

Guidance Counselor, College Office

Jenny Senra


Anthony Michaelides

Family Worker

Lisa Fernandez

Social Worker

English Language Arts (ELA) Department

Mathematics Department

Science Department

Social Studies Department

Language Other Than English (LOTE) Department

IEP/Special Education Department

Leniece Dean

IEP Lead Teacher

Debbie Doreste

Speech Therapist

Khadim Bett

Physical Therapist

Patricia Greenspan

Occupational Therapist

Art Department

Bryan Young

Musical Arts

Computer Science Department

Physical Education & Health Department

Schoolwide Support Staff

Jackie Yang


Maria Charalabidis


Betsy Perez


Karen De Santis


Edwin Genao

School Aid

Rose Kamitsis

School Aid, Metro Cards/ID's

Theresa Ortiz

School Aid, Attendance

Stephanie Charalabidis

School Aid

Ayanna Bates

School Aid, College Office

Ernesto Isaac

Parent Coordinator

Barbara Hayes

Health Aide

Ken Clark

Attendance Teacher