Safety Alert

Be aware of surroundings when traveling to/from school.  Please avoid the use of headphones or other electric devices that can be a distraction to keeping themselves safe.  Please also urge children to travel in groups and stay on populated routes while traveling to/from school.  Reinforce that they should never stop to speak to strangers. Please call 911 and notify me if you receive any such reports.


Please take the time to review the suggestions listed below with your students and families:


•         Always go directly to and from home/school;

•         Always walk to and from school with companions;

•         Never permit strangers to engage you in conversation;

•         If you feel unsafe, leave the area immediately.

    If approached in a threating manner, call out, “Leave Me Alone!”

•         Seek help from friends or an adult that you know;

•         If you are near a school building, police station, or store, enter that building and seek help immediately;

•         Never take anything, especially candy, chewing gum or a toy from an unknown adult;

•         If you feel threatened by a stranger, call the police @ 911


Visit the NYCDOE Info-Hub, for more information.